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How Much Does it Cost to Open a Pool?

Swimming Pool Opening Prices

Unless you live in the Sun Belt, you probably closed your pool for the season sometime during the fall. Now that warmer temperatures have arrived and summertime fun is just around the corner, it's time to get the pool ready for swimming. Read on to find out how to open a pool for the summer and how much the service costs.

Opening a Swimming Pool: What's Involved

Whether you hire a pro to open your pool or choose to do the work yourself, here's what's required in order to get a murky pool back to a state of crystal-blue perfection:

  1. Clean up the area around the pool to prevent debris from blowing into your soon-to-be clean pool.
  2. If you have a solid pool cover, remove standing water from it using a cover pump. Mesh covers don't require this step. Both solid and mesh covers, however, should have debris removed using a brush or leaf net.
  3. Remove the pool cover, clean, dry, and inspect it for damage, and patch any rips or tears. Place the cover in its storage bag and stow it in a clean, dry location off of the floor.
  4. Remove winterization plugs and skimmer guards from the pool and put plugs that were removed for the winter back into the equipment (filter, pump, strainer, heater, etc.).
  5. Add water to the pool, returning the water level to its typical operating level.
  6. Clean the filter if you didn't do so when the pool was closed for winter.
  7. Prime the pump and open the return side valves. You can now start the filter system up. Once it's running, check for any leaks.
  8. Brush, skim, and vacuum the pool.
  9. Once the pool water is clean of visible debris, check the water chemistry. This can be done with a home test kit, or you can take a sample to a pool store for analysis. The latter method is recommended to ensure proper chemical balance.
  10. Balance the water by adding chemicals. Let the water circulate for 8-12 hours and test it again, then add more chemicals if necessary.
  11. Inspect handrails, ladders, and the diving board for damage before installing them.
  12. Enjoy another season of pool fun!

Swimming Pool Opening Average Costs

  • Hiring a professional swimming pool service to open your pool for the summer might cost $200 - $300. Particularly dirty (green) pools might cost $300 - $400 to open.
  • Taking the DIY approach, you'll still have to pay for a test kit ($20 - $50) and pool chemicals. A spring start-up kit with all the chemicals needed for your pool might cost $25 - $75 at a swimming pool store, or you can purchase the chemicals separately (and in bulk, if you want to save money). The estimate yearly cost for pool chemicals is $150 - $350 and up to $500 depending on the pool size and products used.

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