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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Hyster Forklift?

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Everything you need to know about Hyster Forklifts, pros, features and rental rates

Hyster is a worldwide organization that offers a wide variety of material handling equipment. These range from reach stackers and large container handlers to every size and type of forklift truck and warehousing equipment. Hyster as a company takes a world approach to product manufacturing, design and supply chain. It also allows their regions to tailor solutions and products to meet local needs.

Pros of Hyster Forklifts

Hyster Forklifts are considered the best workhorses of today's industry. The forklifts come in a variety of sizes and types to keep warehouse operations, distribution centers, lumber yards and manufacturing plants running smoothly. These machines also come with different technological enhancements and ergonomic designs. It is possible to make small adjustments to these machines to simultaneously boost productivity, save operators time and enhance cost-effectiveness of different operations. Hyster forklifts come with fuel cell technology as the main power source of the machines. Fuel source basically phases out battery-powered and diesel options, hence deliver low ownership costs, higher levels of productivity and reduced emissions.

Points to consider when opting for Hyster Forklift rental

  • Forklift height - it is important to consider the forklift height before renting it. If you frequently use forklifts to unload and load tucks, you probably need a forklift with much height. Height consideration is also important for warehouses with shelves that are over 30 feet high.
  • Forklift capacity - in order to rent the best Hyster Forklift for any work situation, it is important to determine the ideal load size and weight the machine will be subjected to. Hyster forklifts are rated based on the weight they can lift and this typically starts from 3,000 lbs. to over 35,000 lbs.
  • New or used forklift - you can rent either a used or a new Hyster forklift. It is cheaper to rent a used forklift than to rent a new Hyster forklift. However, if you want to rent the forklift for a few hours or just a day, consider renting a used forklift. But if you want it for a few days or month, consider renting a new forklift.

Sample Hyster Forklift Rental Prices

Hyster forklift rental rates vary widely. Rental prices vary based on user specific needs, geography and vendor. However, the biggest variance in the rental rates of Hyster Forklifts is in their weight capacity. A 19 foot Hyster forklift can go at a daily rental rate of $100, weekly rental rate of $400 and monthly rental rate of $800. If you need the 26 foot forklift, the daily rental rate for the machine will be around $140, the weekly rate will be around $560 while the monthly rental rate will be around $1,120. The daily rental rate for the 32 foot Hyster forklift goes at an average price of $170, the weekly rental rate goes for $680 and the monthly rate goes for $1,360.

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