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How Much Does a Small Excavator Rental Cost?

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Everything you need to know about small excavator, pros and rental rates

A small excavator or a mini excavator is a machine that is frequently used for different construction projects. They make construction jobs easier, safer and faster. In most cases, compact excavators are used for loading and digging. The work equipment of compact excavators is similar to human arms and this enables operators to easily maneuver the machine the same way as moving the arm. Compact excavators can either be rented or bought directly from the manufacturer.

Pros of Small or Compact Excavators

Compact excavators bring in a lot of power to projects located in small spaces. Even for projects that do not offer room for the large equipment, small excavators can handle these projects with ease. Most mini excavators have small foot prints yet powerful machinery that can manage tasks that require hard input. Mini excavators are versatile and they can hold different attachments, which can be used in digging and demolition projects. There are many attachments that can be fitted on these machines, but the type will depend on the project that is currently being worked on. Despite their sizes, mini excavators can work on different projects including creating trenches, digging holes, repairing sewer lines, demolishing sheds and structures, stump removal, landscaping and snow plowing.

Points to Consider Before Opting for Small Excavator Rental

  •         Attachments – since small excavators can be used in different construction applications, it is important to rent a small excavator that can hold and operate different attachments. Some these attachments should include compaction wheels, augers, buckets, rippers and compactor plates.
  •         Ease of use – it is important to determine whether you can easily operate or use the mini excavator before renting it. These machines can be dangerous for those who do not know how to operate them and it could also mean hiring an expert to operate them when working on a project.  
  •         Tracks or wheels – mini excavators come with tracks or wheels. It is important to consider which one is suitable based on the type of project you will be working on. Wheels are better for projects where the mini excavator will move on smooth and solid surfaces. Tracks are better on rough terrain such as grass, dirt, gravel and rocks.

Sample Small Excavator Rental Prices

Rental rates of small excavators largely vary based on location or market. Therefore, getting accurate rental figures can be quite difficult. For example, a 3.5 ton mini excavator can go at a rental rate of between $200 and $250 a day. The same mini excavator can go for $2,300 a month. In some cases, renting the same machine for one year would cost between $50,000 and $60,000 or a lower negotiated rate for a whole year. Many people prefer renting or leasing these machines because it frees up their bonding and borrowing capabilities. Moreover, owning a new mini excavator is quite expensive because of the operating cost that can start from $22 per hour.

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