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How Much Does a Call Center Cubicle Cost?

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Call Center Cubicle Prices

Call centers have unique needs when it comes to buying cubicles. Generally, you're looking for smaller cubicles with lots of electrical wiring. Cubicles need to be easy to reconfigure if you need to add or remove workstations. And because many call centers operate 24/7, you need cubicles that are sturdy and durable.

Call center cubicles typically range in price from $1,000 to $2,000. The price varies based on the size of the cubicles, their features, how they are configured and the number of units you purchase.

About Call Center Cubicles

Call center cubicles are sold in several sizes and configurations. The most popular size is 4x2 feet, but you can go smaller or larger depending on the needs of your call center. Other common sizes include 4x4 feet and 4x6 feet.

Selecting a wall height is an important part of the buying process. The higher the walls, the better the sound barrier will be. If your call center employees need lots of privacy, you might want to opt for higher walls. Most call center cubicles range in height from 47 to 67 inches.

Call center cubicles are generally sold in sets of 2 to 8. The more you buy, the lower the per-cubicle price will be. You can opt for straight row configuration, a U-shaped configuration or a zigzag layout. Straight row configurations are the most economical because they share walls. Multiple workstations are placed along the same "spine" of cubicle walls, which leaves you with less furniture to buy.

In addition to smaller cubicles for your call center agents, you might want to purchase one or more larger cubicles for managers or supervisors. Often, these are place at the end of a long row of cubicles. Some companies prefer that manager cubicles are raised so supervisors have a view of the entire floor.

Call Center Cubicles Average Costs

Although call center cubicle prices vary based upon a number of factors, here are a couple examples of what you can expect to pay:

  • A Maxon four-cubicle workstation with electrical wiring and equipment runs about $7,500 to $8,500. The 2x4 cubicles have fabric panels.
  • A Unisource Mirage set of eight L-shaped cubicles runs $20,000 or more. The cubicle walls are 47 inches high and available in a variety of dimensions. The cubicles also come with complete electrical wiring.

The average $1,000 to $2,000 price per cubicle does not include delivery and installation. Be sure to ask any dealer you're considering for a quote that includes all of the costs, not just the price of the cubicles themselves.

Not surprisingly, the larger the cubicle you select, the more expensive it will be. Features like additional shelving, filing cabinets, task lights and electrical wiring will also boost the price. High-end finishes like natural wood are available, but they will dramatically increase the price.

You can find call center cubicles through a classified ad or websites like eBay for $500 to $750. But you'll sacrifice professional advice on how to configure your call center, which saves you money in the long run. A dealer can help you sort through all the options to find the best and most economical cubicles for your call center.

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