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How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

Snow Removal Prices

Walking in a winter wonderland is great. Beautiful white flakes fall from the sky. Not one of them is completely alike. Its amazing to see the first flakes of the season fall to the ground. After that, were stuck wondering whose going to clean it up so we can get in and out of the driveway. Snow removal is a necessary evil that comes with the territory of living in a cold winter climate. You can spend the time and energy doing the job yourself or hire someone to do it for you and save yourself the time, energy, and backaches.

Snow Removal Costs

If you are a private residence with a 1 to 4 car driveway it will take a snow plow a few swipes to clear your driveway. It will not take much more time for the plow guy to clean a 4 car driveway versus a 1 car driveway so that should not drive the price up. It will cost $20 to $30 per visit to get your driveway plowed. For most storms (anything below 12 of snow), one visit should be enough. For storm where the snowfall is over 12 the plowing service may need to make two trips, especially if the snow is spread out over a length of time. Then, they may charge you double for a second visit.

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It may cost an extra $5 to $20 to hire someone to shovel your walkway. The extra cost will vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be shoveled. A plow service may hire someone to ride in the truck and shovel walkways while they plow the driveway. Some snow removal services offer this service and some do not. Make sure to ask your potential snow removal company if they offer this service. You can choose to shovel the walkway yourself to save some money. Honestly, the main driveway is the hardest part of snow removal.

Commercial Plowing Prices

If you have a business parking lot then you will need to get a customized quote. The cost will vary depending on the location of the property in addition to the difficulty of the plowing. Plowing service prices will be much higher than a residence because of the time it takes, the fact that businesses need the driveway to be constantly cleared, and because it will take frequent trips for a snow plow to keep the same location clean. Its vital to your business to have a clean driveway so customers and employees to be able to get in and off the property safely during harsh weather.

Author: Ashley Smith