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How Much Does Fall Lawn Clean Up Cost?

Leaf Removal Prices

Itís that time of year again. The lawn mower is put away and we havenít taken out the snow shovels from the shed yet. Itís autumn and the leaves are changing. Itís beautiful to see them change color.

The downer is after they give us a glimpse of how beautiful nature can be we have to clean them up! Fallen leaves break down with moisture and time. You donít want leaves turning into compost on your lawn. It will kill the grass and make it so you need to replant grass to fix the damage. You donít want that. You donít need that.

When is the best time to rake leaves?

Itís best just to clean the leaves up as soon as theyíve all fallen off of the tree. The most important thing is to rake them before the snow falls (if you live in a region where it snows). Once it snows youíre too late. A few flakes are ok but if thereís accumulation you might have to wait until next year. Snow is usually followed by more snow so itís best to do the job before any snow falls.

Try to not rake leaves on the windiest day. Itís difficult to avoid wind totally because of the season. There is rarely a day in autumn with no wind. Just try to pick a low wind day. It will make the job a lot easier. Check the extended weather forecast to plan your leaf cleanup day.

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DIY Leaf Cleanup

You may opt to clean up your own yard yourself. Itís good exercise and is great fresh air. Shop and compare leaf rakes online or pick one up at your local home improvement center. A leaf rake will cost $25 to $60. The more expensive rakes tend to last longer. If you have serious raking to do then you had best get a decent rake. A good rake makes the job easier.

Do not forget to wear landscaping gloves. They can be found at your local home improvement center. They will keep your hands from getting blisters. It doesnít take long for your hands to get blistered raking leaves. Itís a lot of twisting between the handle of the rake and your soft palms. Once you have a blister itís too late. Even if you put a glove on after it wonít fix the existing blister and your day of raking leaves will be uncomfortable. Wear gloves. Thereís no shame in it.

Author: Brian Eckert