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How Much Does it a Thermostat Cost?

Thermostat Prices

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Installing a new home thermostat involves a lot more choices than it used to. Gone are the days of the small, round metal thermostats that raise or lower the temperature with the turn of a glass wheel. In todayís thermostat market, digital, programmable models with touchscreen and wireless capabilities are the new mainstays. The extra features, of course, come with an added cost, but they can help you optimize your heating and cooling systemís efficiency and save money. Continue reading to learn more about home thermostats and how much they cost to install.

Thermostat Options

You have several major options when it comes time to purchase a new thermostat, including the following:

Line-Voltage vs. Low-Voltage

Low-voltage thermostats are used to operate electric, gas, and oil-powered central heating systems, and are the type found in most U.S. homes. If, however, your home is older and/or uses baseboard or electric resistance heaters, itís likely installed with line-voltage thermostats, which are wired into a homeís electrical system to offer direct control of heating and cooling units. You can tell the difference between the two types of thermostats by looking at the wiring: a line-voltage thermostat will have thick wires, while the lines of a low-voltage thermostat have skinny wires, almost like speaker wire.

Programmable Thermostats

Most new thermostats are programmable, allowing you to input a preset temperature that the system maintains by turning the furnace or air-conditioner on or off. In addition to programming by temperature alone, you can set the thermostat according to your desired daytime and nighttime temperatures and even for individual days and times of the week.

Internet Thermostats

A step up from a programmable thermostat is an internet thermostat, which allows you to control your homeís temperature anywhere you can connect to an Internet protocol (IP) network. Whether youíre at work, on vacation, or simply on the go, ensure that your home maintains an ideal temperature with the latest in thermostat technology.

Non-Programmable Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats, although relatively cheap to purchase and install, cannot be preset like a programmable unit can. They provide only basic control of room and house temperatures and models that use a bi-metallic strip can be slow in responding to temperature variations. Itís possible to buy a digital thermostat that is not programmable.

Thermostat Average Costs

The actual thermostat replacement cost will depend on the type of unit, the type of heating system, the difficulty of running wiring, and other factors.

  • Programmable thermostats cost as little as $20 and as much as $200 or more.
  • Internet thermostats cost $100 to $300 and up.
  • A manual thermostat costs $20 to $40 or more.
  • A wireless thermostat kit costs $200 to $800 or more.
  • Thermostat installation can be handled by a do-it-yourselfer with reasonable wiring skills, but if you donít feel confident working with your home electrical system, or just want to play it safe, an electrician or other qualified professional might charge you $100 to $150 to remove an existing thermostat and put in a new one.

Author: Brian Eckert

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