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How Much Does an Electronic Deadbolt Cost?

Security issues are a concern for many businesses. You want to feel assured access is only available to those who deserve it at the right time. With the passing time, the simple lock and key security systems do not suffice as they are easy to break into. Crooks have become more and more advanced. To combat these advanced intruders, developers have come up with a more effective protection, electronic deadbolts. Your business, which was once left open for unauthorized visitations can now be locked down and protected effectively. Here we explain to you the many ways electric deadbolts are a necessity to tour business security system and the costs you may incur with their installation.

Top Reasons to Install Electronic Deadbolt Locks

There are many reasons that advocate the installation of these intricate and highly proficient locking systems. Electronic deadbolt locks have now become one of the most important and popular locks that offer more security for doors, in both residential and commercial buildings. Unlike the simple deadbolt locks, electronic deadbolt locks do not require people to carry keys in order to operate them. This excludes the problem of losing keys or having keys stolen. You can simply open the lock with the keypad attached, removing the need of having to care for any unnecessary keys. These locks come in different designs and sizes, and incorporate the best technologies to ensure maximum security for residential and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Electronic Deadbolt

  • Accurate and do not allow easy access or breaking in, into residential or commercial buildings
  • Versatile and easily adaptable, which is why they are widely used in corporate offices, hospitals, private buildings and defense centers
  • Complicated, so it is not easy to open electronic deadbolt locks by force. This is because one needs to feed the locks with a certain combination of codes. When the combination of codes is fed into the locks, the electric circuits in the electronic deadbolt lock must first analyze the codes before opening the lock.
  • Accessible by code combinations, which can be fed in by using either a biometric, keypad entry, or access cards.

Points to Consider When Choosing Electronic Deadbolt

Normally, you can buy these locks without too much concern. Your installer will ask you all the right questions to make sure you get what you need. Some points, that you can consider before buying these locks include:

  • Installation - the installation of electronic deadbolt locks is easy and inexpensive. It also requires little or no modifications to the residential or commercial building, which makes them a great option for all settled businesses or homes.
  • Memory - since one must feed the electronic deadbolt lock with a combination of codes so that electronic circuits can analyze the code combination, it is important that the lock should have enough memory to store multiple combinations of codes, in order for different people to use different codes when accessing the lock. Moreover, the lock should allow the use of both keypad and card numbers when feeding combination codes. A range of different options is available. You can choose the type that best suit your needs.
  • Battery operated - the electronic deadbolt should have battery operated backup power in order to continue functioning even when there is no electricity.

Price Comparison of Electronic Deadbolt

The prices of different electronic deadbolt locks will vary widely. This is because these locks come with different features and functionality. For example, an electronic deadbolt lock that features keyless entry, decoy lights, digital technology, automatic locking, intruder alarm, audio and visual low battery warnings costs between $280 and $350. An electronic deadbolt lock that features keyless entry, lighted keypad, one tool installation, patented override on code keys, and spinning keyways that prevent wrench attacks costs between $120 and $200.

In terms of different brands, some of the best are Schlage, Kwikset and Defiant. All of them feature different electronic deadbolts with different features. However, taken on average, the Schlage deadbolts are the most expensive with prices ranging from $100 to up to $230 depending on the different features in a variety of its locks. Kwikset is a broad category with both cheap and expensive options. Its locks range from $80 to up to $250 according to the different qualities and the specifics of the electronic deadbolts in the question. Defiant seems to be the cheapest and best option if you are looking for an affordable locking system. It has electronic deadbolts that cost as low as $35 to $50, which highlights how economically efficient this brand of locks is.

Moving on to the actual features, naturally with the incorporation of intricate security systems and features, the price of the lock goes up considerably. As a standard an electronic deadbolt with a key, the cost is around $100 to $150. With the addition of a keypad, an additional $25 to $50 is included in the standard cost. The addition of a Bluetooth system with phone access enabled costs $100 to $200, plus the standard price. On top of this, if you incorporate a SmartScreen with an enabled alarm system, it will cost you another $50 to $100 on top of the standard electronic deadbolt cost.

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