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How Much Does a Wifi Security Camera System Cost?

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Everything You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Wi-Fi security cameras act as visible deterrents to criminals. These security cameras are just like other surveillance cameras whereby they record live events and monitor those events in real time. Wi-Fi cameras connect to wireless monitors to allow for monitoring and recording of footage from a security camera. Wi-Fi security cameras also come with one and two way audio to allow for remote communication between one or more people.

Pros of Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Wi-Fi security cameras enable people to enjoy greater amounts of security whether in their businesses, homes or areas of work. Businesses can use Wi-Fi security cameras to protect their assets and give their customers higher levels of security and protection. Wi-Fi security cameras can be installed in public places such as casinos, banks, airports and more to monitor events and get quick response to security threats. Governments are now using Wi-Fi security cameras on highways and roads to monitor traffic offenders and prevent possible crimes from happening on roads. Homeowners can use Wi-Fi cameras and connect them to a broadband. This will allow homeowners to monitor their houses over the internet even when they are away on holidays. Apart from this, they can use Wi-Fi cameras to record everything that is happening around their homes and refer to the recordings later.

Points to Consider When Choosing Wi-Fi Security Cameras

  •         Hard Drive Space – Wi-Fi security cameras can record and store live events. This means that you need a Wi-Fi security camera system that offers enough hard drive space to store the recorded video. The ideal space to consider should be at least 500GB and above which is enough to store videos recorded at any resolution.
  •         Installation – when looking for a Wi-Fi security camera, it is essential to consider one that you can easily install at your establishment. If you can install the camera without hiring a technician, this means that you will be able to save up to $200 on installation fee. However, if you are inexperienced or doubtful it is better to use a technician and save yourself worry.
  •         Help and Support – ensure that you buy a Wi-Fi security camera from a company that guarantees 24/7 technical support. This will enable you ask questions or get technical support in case the Wi-Fi cameras do not work as normal.

Sample prices of Wi-Fi security cameras

There are different types of Wi-Fi security cameras you can buy for your home or business. Prices vary widely depending on the type of camera you want and the features of the camera. For example, a Wi-Fi security camera with Smartphone connectivity, night vision and 2 x 720p can cost around $400. If you want a Wi-Fi camera that is equipped with sensors, such a camera can cost up to $599.99. There are also Wi-Fi cameras that can detect motions, temperature fluctuations and sound. These Wi-Fi cameras cost a premium and their prices can start from $599.99 to $1,089.99.

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