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How Much Does a DVR Security Camera System Cost?

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Everything You Need to Know About DVR Security Systems

A DVR (digital video recorder) security system is an electronic application software or device that records live events or videos in a digital format. The system records videos to either networked or local mass storage device, SSD, SD memory card, USB flash drive or hard disk drive. DVR recorders can be configured and used for security applications. In this case, the DVR security system will record all video signals from a nearby CCTV (closed circuit television) camera to detect and document events. Quite often, the tapes are scanned at the end of a period of time, erased, then reset and this saves money.

Pros of DVR Security System

DVR security systems can record both audio and video signals from a CCTV camera. Although this was the main intention for DVR security systems, the advantage today is that these systems come with super rich features and now provide services that go beyond the recording of audio and video images. These systems provide a wide array of advanced functions than VCR technology. These functions may include searching videos by time, events, camera and date. DVR security systems have more control over frame rate and quality, which allows them to optimize disk space. The DVR system can also be set by security personnel to overwrite older security footage incase the disk space is full. These security systems can also be installed to allow for remote access using a personal computer by connecting a DVR to the Internet or LAN network.

Points to Consider When Looking for DVR Security System

  •   Analytics Firmware – it is important to consider DVR security system that incorporates analytics firmware into the system. Analytics firmware enables the functionality of the security system and can do such thing as detection of objects that are abandoned at a given location.
  •   Number of Channels – ensure to look for a DVR security system that has between 3 and 24 channels. This is important because it will enable you connect at least 24 CCTV cameras. Depending on the system you choose, such a system can record video footage up to 3 megapixels 1080p in HD at either night or outdoors.
  •   Connection Type – DVR security systems can connect with security cameras either through wireless or wired connection. Therefore, determine which type of connection is the best for your home or business before purchasing the system.

Sample Prices of DVR Security System

Prices for DVR security systems vary widely. An area in which these prices vary is in the cost of purchasing the DVR system itself. For example, an 8 channel, 3-megapixel DVR system with pre-installed 2 terabyte HDD storage space that comes with HDMI and VGA output and transfers recorded footage to an external storage device via a network or USB port can cost around $1,399.99. Understand that prices can go high based on the features of the system. However, it is also possible to purchase a basic DVR security system with only 60GB storage space at $299.99.

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