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How Much Does a Web Based POS System Cost?

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What you should know about web based POS system

Web based POS System is an SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that can be used by retailers to manage their businesses in terms of payroll management, inventory management, marketing management and delivery management among others. Web based POS systems are designed to offer retailers with the efficiency and speed needed to run their businesses especially at the checkout process. The systems can also be used to alleviate administrative burdens that are mostly associated with managing a retail business. By using this system, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and time.

Pros of Web Based POS System

Web based POS systems are relatively cheap. The systems can lower technical and/or hardware burdens associated with traditional POS systems and can also lower the up-front costs of implementing them. However, businesses will be required to purchase the hardware that will be used to access the POS system, which can either be a desktop computer or mobile device. These systems are well designed to meet the requirements of all types of retail businesses. Web based POS systems offer the same functionality as traditional POS systems. This is because the systems can enable business owners manage payroll, inventory and get instant business reports. Some SaaS POS systems come with customer portals that can transform brick and mortar retail shops into ecommerce stores. Some systems also integrate with social media networks to allow businesses market their stores from one single interface.

Points to consider before choosing Web based POS System

  •         Simplicity – it is highly recommended to look for a straightforward or simple web based POS system that can enable you manage inventory and customer checkout. Some of these systems come with built-in accounting and CRM capabilities to enable you manage every aspect of your small business.
  •         Extra functionality – beyond the typical functions of a POS system such as inventory management, it is also important to consider a web based POS system that offers more functionality in terms of pricing controls and variations, merchandise planning, transportation management and warehouse management.
  •         Integration – consider a web based POS system that integrates with social media networks to enable you easily market your brick and mortar store and a system that integrates with all your email accounts to allow for easy communication and synchronization of customer contacts from other software products like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook.

Sample prices of Web based POS System

Prices for web based POS systems are charged on a per monthly basis. Prices are not all the same depending on the type of business you are running. Furthermore, prices will depend on the features of the system and the number of users that will have access to the system. If you want to allow between 5 and 9 users to access the system, the web based POS system will cost you around $24.99 per month. Single user systems are cheap and you can get these for free or pay as little as $5 per month.

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