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How Much Does a Salon POS System Cost?

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What you should know about Salon POS System

A Salon POS System is a system that is designed to help salon business owners get the functionality of managing their businesses. Most of these systems come with various features that include customer account management, employee time tracking, appointment management and inventory management and/or tracking. Basically, Salon POS systems not only help salon business owners manage their businesses, but also attract and retain customers, hence driving more revenue. The time saved by using one of these systems can be put towards building your business.

Pros of Salon POS System

Salon POS system can be used by any type of business. These businesses can range from single operator salon businesses to full service salon businesses with over one hundred employees. Businesses in the spa industry can also use salon POS systems to manage their businesses. Salon POS systems have features that are available in other types of POS systems. Some of these features include gift card management, loyalty programs, inventory management, appointment scheduling, client management, employee management, payroll and commissions and Point of Sale. Some Salon POS systems are cloud based systems. This means that salon business owners can use the systems to manage their businesses from any location. In addition, cloud-based salon POS systems are cheap to implement because a business owner can use any mobile device to access the system. These include tablets, mobile phones, desktops and the like. Instead of having to remember a dozen passwords, the owner usually only has to recall one or two.

Points to consider when choosing Salon POS System

  • Ease of use – always look for a salon POS system that is easy to use. A system that is easy to use can improve functionality as well as enable productivity. You do not have to waste a lot of time training your employees on how to use the system.
  • Technical support – whether you want an in-house or cloud-based Salon POS System, it is essential to look for a provider who offers great technical support. This will help you troubleshoot the system in case you face difficulties when using it. Ensure that technical support is offered 24/7.
  • Scalability – whether in-house or cloud-based Salon POS system, it is essential to consider a scalable POS system. This will ensure that the system can meet the growing demands of your business. A scalable POS system also saves on cost of implementing an additional or a new system.

Sample prices of Salon POS System

If you want an in-house salon POS system, this means that you will have to purchase the necessary hardware to implement the system. Hardware in this case may include barcode scanner, 18-inch computer screen, cash drawer and the software itself. In most cases, the software is offered on a license fee, which can vary based on the provider. Typically, you can purchase a salon POS system from as low as $1,500. However, the best systems average around $3,500 for one terminal system. You can have a web-based system, which you can pay for at a monthly rate of $19.99 a month based on the number of people that will use the software.

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