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How Much Does a Mobile POS System Cost?

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What you should know about mobile POS systems

Mobile POS systems are systems packed with software features that enable all types of businesses have an easier, smarter and efficient way of running their businesses. Some of the best mobile POS systems are capable of doing intelligent reporting that is accessible anytime and anywhere to help in the management of the business as well as inventory management to help business owners keep accurate data of their inventory. Some mobile POS systems allow business owners to get reports in different formats including text, spreadsheets, images and graphs.

Pros of the best mobile POS systems

The best mobile POS systems enable businesses to keep track of their inventory. In addition, the POS systems allow business owners to manage the recording and purchase processes of goods directly from their mobile device. Since these POS systems are mobile, they can guarantee that a business owner can run the business anywhere, anytime. The best mobile POS systems also offer payroll management functionalities. Business owners can get detailed information of the payroll on their mobile devices. This is important because it allows the business owner to auto calculate employee overtime wages and keep track of time worked. Mobile POS systems also offer delivery management whereby business owners can keep track of all orders as well as keep detailed information on the type of orders that were delivered and those that were not.

Points to consider when choosing the best mobile POS systems

  •         Preconfigured hardware – before choosing the best mobile POS system, determine whether the company can supply your business with preconfigured hardware packages. The hardware package(s) should be tailored to the demands of your business and should include among others barcode scanners and weighing scales.
  •         Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – it is essential to determine whether the mobile POS system offers integrated CRM. This is essential to enable your business keep track of all your customers. The CRM information should be viewable on a backend management platform of the mobile system.
  •         Security and access – since a mobile POS system can also be a cloud-based POS system, meaning that business information can be accessed from anywhere, ensure to look for a system that guarantees data security and restricted user access to business reports and information.

Sample prices of the best mobile POS systems

The costs for mobile POS systems vary based on the type of system you choose for your business. Typically, the hardware costs for these systems start from $500 and this can include countertop receipt printer, credit and debit card readers and cash drawer. Based on the company that offers you the mobile POS system, the company will charge your business $70 to register your mobile device and an additional $0.10 per transaction. The maximum monthly charge could be anywhere between $29.99 and $59.99. With this amount, your business will also get 24/7 live support. There are other mobile POS systems that are free to use.

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