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How Much Does an EPOS POS System Cost?

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What you should know about EPOS System

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is a computerized system that is used in retail shops and restaurants to enable easy recording and calculation of all goods and services purchased by customers. This system also offers an efficient and a relatively fast way of serving customers and can handle all sales calculations including totals and change as well as issue receipts to customers. The systems also integrate with credit and debit card payment systems and help business owners keep track of their stock levels and customer information. Patrons can also access cash if that is their desire.

Pros of EPOS System

EPOS Systems have many advantages to businesses. These systems can help improve the way businesses perform, allow the security of customer information and control stock levels. Information stored in an EPOS system can easily be retrieved as soon as the business owner needs it. The system has features that allow business owners to track their stock or sales and determine which products are mostly demanded by their customers. The system can also print out vouchers and receipts for customers and can be linked to the business website and social media networks. The EPOS System is the best for businesses because it helps in ensuring accurate pricing, reduces all human related errors, improves the integrity of data stored in the system and guarantees faster transactions.

Points to consider before choosing EPOS System

  • Features – before choosing an EPOS system, ensure that you get a system that has features which will enable you record sales, update stock levels, enable faster and efficient customer service, provide accurate pricing data and information and keep track of business taxes and sales.
  • Value for money – based on the type of business you are running, it is possible that you may not need an EPOS system. Therefore, determine whether buying an EPOS system represent value for money or how the system will guarantee benefits for your business both in the short and long run.
  • Speed – speed is a necessary factor to consider when choosing an EPOS system. A faster EPOS System will ensure that your customers do not wait for long to be served and that the system will get product information fast to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Sample prices of EPOS System

One thing about prices for EPOS systems is that the whole pricing structure can be quite complex. This is because some vendors only list prices for individual components and others give prices for the complete system. In either case, it is highly likely that hidden or added costs may be involved for such things as shipping, installation, software and hardware, maintenance and technical support. Considering these factors, it makes it sensible to lease or rent the system. If you decide to rent, it will cost you around $130 per week or $280 per month. If you decide to purchase, this will cost you around $2,800.

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