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How Much Does a Coffee Shop POS System Cost?

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Understanding Coffee Shop POS Systems and their importance to coffee businesses

Coffee Shop POS Systems are designed to offer coffee shops the latest and most advanced POS technologies to enable coffee shop owners to run their businesses confidently. Coffee shops POS systems come with technologies that can be used by coffee shop owners to offer effective strategies of building customer loyalty, give customers the convenience of ordering coffee from an online interface and powerful management applications and tools that are needed to grow different coffee shop businesses.

Pros of Coffee Shop POS Systems

Buying a coffee shop POS system eliminates the cost of purchasing several tools, applications or systems that can enable you to run your business. This is because a coffee shop POS system provides essential business tools all from one singe interface or package. This can save business owners in the coffee business a lot of time because they do not have to shop around in search for the best tools in each specific area. In essence, a high-quality coffee shop POS system can execute all the functions a coffee shop business owner needs to run the business. By purchasing an advanced coffee shop POS system, a business in this industry will be able to eliminate waste, maximize profits and improve service delivery to its customers. These systems can also ensure employee productivity throughout the business.


Points to consider before choosing Coffee Shop POS Systems

  •         Speed – a good coffee shop POS system should be fast. This is important to ensure that checkout lines are fast. Besides, customers do not enjoy waiting in queues when paying for products. A fast coffee shop POS system should enable easy access to all product information to speed up checkout lines.
  •         Trends – it is essential to consider a coffee shop POS system that empowers your business to identify various trends in the sales of all products your coffee shop offers. This will enable you determine the demographic groups that are interested in specific types of coffees or track down the characteristics of the coffees your customers like the most.
  •         Inventory management – before choosing a coffee shop POS system, ensure that you look for one that allows for efficient and accurate management of inventory. The system should also allow you to keep track of your inventory or sort the inventory accordingly.

Sample prices for Coffee Shop POS Systems

There are two types of Coffee Shop POS systems – in-house systems and cloud-based systems. In house systems are those that cost over $2,000 to purchase and install. These are traditional systems and their providers charge for software licensing fees per register and an additional maintenance fee of between 15% and 20% for upgrades. This can be expensive in the long run and this is why most people are now going for cloud coffee shop POS systems. These systems are cheap and some are actually offered for free with limited features. Those with advanced features can cost from $10 per month.

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