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How Much Does a Cloud POS System Cost?

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Everything you need to know about Cloud POS Systems

Cloud POS Systems enable retailers among other businesses to track customers, accept payments, manage inventory, run analytics for the business to enable businesses get real-time insights into their performance and provide loyalty programs or incentives. Most cloud POS systems providers allow retailers who use their systems to access a set of basic to advanced tools that are not available in enterprise systems. Cloud POS systems are cheaper compared to other systems. With these systems, you have access to everything at a moment's notice without having to search through numerous programs to find what you are looking for.

Pros of Cloud POS Systems

Cloud POS systems allow for easy access of data. The data can be accessed via mobile devices and the advantage is that mobile devices come with applications that enable retailers get live data sales. In addition, the applications allow retailers to get reports, which are run from the web interface. This means that cloud POS systems can allow retailers to run the businesses' point of sale from any location. Cloud POS systems guarantee instant upgrades. Providers for these systems always keep their clients on the forefront of emerging technologies as well as security requirements. Apart from this, these systems allow for easy integration. It is easier for retailers and other businesses to integrate gift cards, loyalty programs or incentives, rewards and payments into these systems. This enables businesses give their customers the best services and retain them at the same time.

Points to consider when choosing Cloud POS Systems

  •         Functionality – it is important to look for a sophisticated but easy to use cloud POS system. The system should be highly functional and offer services such as POS, ticketing, birthday and group reservations, customer loyalty, cashless arcades, redemption management, online sales and membership. The functionality of the system should enable you run your business seamlessly.
  •         Ease of use – most of these cloud POS systems are sophisticated. It is therefore important to ensure that you look for a system that is easy to so that all your employees can be able to use the system without the need for extensive training.
  •         Compatibility – cloud POS systems should run from any device. In this case, it is advisable to ensure that the POS system can run on iPad, Mac, Windows and other operating systems. Compatibility is important because it will ensure that you operate the POS from a device you are comfortable with.

Sample prices of Cloud POS Systems

Cloud POS Systems have two price points – free cloud POS systems and Premium systems. Both of these systems are straightforward in terms of cancellation fees, contracts and setup costs. You will not have to incur on these costs if you choose either a free or a premium cloud POS system. Understand that free versions only support a specific number of users, a set maximum number of products and a set maximum number of transactions a month. Premium versions have different rates but the best rates for the best systems start at $30 per month.

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