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Everything you should know about virtual office phone systems

Virtual office phone systems provide low-cost telecommunication products that guarantee excellent performance. These products can be entry-level or advanced products and the benefit is that any of these products enable virtual phone systems to evolve with the changing needs of a corporate environment. The available telecommunication products include large PBX systems and single-line systems. Virtual office phone systems are the best for businesses with employees located in different environments.

Pros of Virtual Office Phone Systems

Virtual office phone systems provide superior services to businesses. Superior services can enable clearer conferencing calling by ensuring that there is less background noise when communicating. These phone systems also allow the integration of active voice systems in order to work through computers, fax machines or telephones. With virtual office phone systems, it is possible for an employee to listen to email messages over the phone. This is very helpful in a situation where an employee is in the field and wants to access email messages but the employee does not have a computer around. Virtual office phone systems also offer products that can deliver fax or phone messages to email inboxes. These systems should actually be thought of as systems that simplify communication in a business environment.

Points to consider when choosing Virtual Office Phone Systems

  •         Security – it is highly advisable that you should invest in a virtual office phone system that protects email correspondence. This also means investing in an anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam software. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the virtual office phone system provider guarantees this protection before choosing their phone system.
  •         Features – features of a virtual office phone system are important because they determine the functionality of the systems. Therefore, ensure that a virtual office phone system has features such as caller ID, call forwarding, speed dialing and three-way calling. The system should allow for integration so that it can work with telephones, computers or fax machines.
  •         Voice processing program – virtual office phone system should have a voice-processing program in order to provide controllable communication through the voicemail. These programs can also allow for customization of greetings or recording of greetings which is essential in providing the best customer care services.  

Sample prices of Virtual Office Phone Systems

Virtual office phone systems are relatively cheap. Most providers offer packages that allow businesses to have long-distance communications. Most plans are actually monthly plans and it is possible to have a monthly plan of $19.99 a month. Some plans with unlimited dialing can be quite expensive and some virtual office phone system providers charge around $45.95 a month. Basically, prices for these systems vary based on the features of the systems. Systems that come with basic features such as call waiting and voice dialing cost between $19.99 and $35.99 a month. Systems with advanced features such as unlimited local calls can cost between $24.95 and $49.99 a month. Be sure to find out if you can have a test run before you sign on the dotted line.

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