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How Much Does a SIP VoIP Phone System Cost?

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Understanding the SIP VoIP phone system and its importance in telecommunication

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol VoIP phone system is a system that enables communications protocols for controlling and signaling all multimedia sessions when a communication between two or more people is established. Common applications of SIP VoIP phone systems include Internet Telephony that achieves video and voice calls and instant messaging that is achieved through IP (Internet Protocol) networks. SIP VoIP phone systems can be used to create, modify, and terminate sessions that consist of one or various media streams.

Pros of SIP VoIP Phone System

The biggest advantage of SIP VoIP phone system is that it supports both conventional telephone and IP communication. Most telecommunication service providers use this technology to leverage on the protocol in order to interconnect IP and conventional telephone communication services. This is an advantage especially to vendors of the VoIP telephony, where the two domains are in involved. Since SIP has roots in HTTP, this also means that all voice based communications or applications can easily be integrated with different web services. SIP is highly scalable, it is relatively easy to implement and requires minimal setup time compared to predecessor protocols. Since SIP is also text based, this only means that it is easy to program the technology. In addition, SIP VoIP phone system is a P2P (peer-to-peer) protocol meaning that it requires no advanced implementation especially in a network level.

Points to consider when choosing SIP VoIP Phone System

  •         Reliability – it is essential to consider a SIP VoIP phone system that guarantees greater reliability. This is by ensuring that even when there are power outages, the virtual lines will not be susceptible to these outages. This will ensure that communication within or outside of your office environment still flows smoothly.
  •         Call routing – consider a SIP VoIP phone system that offers call routing features. This technology is essential because it will allow all your calls to be routed to a predetermined location if the primary office that hosts the phone system goes offline. Downtime in a business environment should not be tolerated because it can be very costly, both in money and good will.
  •         Ultimate scalability – unlike legacy telephony that will require you to purchase extra physical lines in order to accommodate more employees, it is important to ensure that you get a SIP VoIP phone system that is scalable or one that can accommodate this aspect without the need to purchase extra physical lines.

Sample prices for SIP VoIP Phone System

SIP VoIP phone systems are relatively cheap to implement. This is especially the case if your business can accurately add a SIP trunk to high quality PBX service, because you will eliminate the monthly charges from a phone system service provider. In most cases, telecommunication service providers charge from $19.99 a month for these services. Prices can go up or down based on the services offered and features of the system as well as number of people using the system.

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