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How Much Does a Cloud Based Phone System Cost?

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Understanding cloud based phone systems and why they are important

A cloud based phone system is a system that is rendered through the internet. The term "cloud based" is relatively new and the terminology simply means the internet. If a synonymous term was to be used, then cloud-based phone system would simply mean internet based phone system. Cloud based phone system consists of the interconnections of phones to make easy communication through the internet. Businesses use cloud based phone systems because they are cheap to implement.

Pros of Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud based phone systems offer different functionalities to businesses. For example, these systems can deliver all types of calls through the internet, provide telephony systems and applications such as call recording and virtual voicemail and route inbound calls to a specific employee inside an organization. Cloud based phone systems allow employees to work from different locations. Remote employees are also given the chance to access a variety of features that are not available in other phone systems. Some of these features include voicemail, automated receptionist, online faxing, call screening and call forwarding among others. Whether a business' current priorities are related to regulation and compliance requirements, business growth or cost control, cloud based phone systems can help businesses prioritize what is important to them. This is especially the case with the feature sets included in cloud based phone systems.


Points to consider when choosing a Cloud Based Phone System

  •         Reliability – while most businesses are attracted to cloud based phone systems because of their pricing, it is essential to ensure that the phone systems are reliable. This is because any phone system would mean nothing if it is not working every time your businesses wants to receive or make a call. This will cause bad feeling from your customers and they will eventually go elsewhere.
  •         Scalability – it is essential to consider a cloud based phone system that can grow with your business. In other words, consider a system that can enable you add more employees or phone extensions anytime and serve the demands of your growing customers in the most efficient way possible.
  •         Online portal – if you are considering a cloud based phone system, ensure to get a system provider that offers an online portal. An online portal will enable you manage and configure the system anytime and anywhere from one, easy-to-access and understand location.

Sample prices for Cloud Based Phone System

There are many plans you can get for cloud based phone systems. Most plans start from as low as $9.99 and others can go to as high as $49.99 per month. Some providers also offer annual payment options in which businesses can pay from as low as $129.99 to as high as $599.99 per year. Some providers do not have monthly plans and will charge on per minute basis. In this case and based on the features of the cloud based phone system, a business will be charged between $0.30 and $0.80 per minute.

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