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How Much Does a Kubota Excavator Cost?

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What you should know about Kubota Excavators

Kubota is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment such as excavators. Kubota has actually maintained the status as the world's leading manufacturer of compact excavators. Kubota excavators are reliable and highly efficient and come in an extensive range to cater for different construction needs. These excavators are solid and highly durable to ensure that they can be used for a long period of time without being off-work frequently for repairs.

Pros of Kubota Excavators

Kubota excavators are versatile. They can be used in different projects such as landscaping and road construction. In landscaping for example, Kubota excavators can be used to clear or expand an existing lot. They can also be used to topple mature trees, then gather and load those trees so that they can be put into a chipper. Kubota excavators can enable operators maximize the amount of work to be done through the use of multiple attachments or just the single machine. These excavators can also be used for digging and thumb and bucket attachments can be fitted on them to lift heavy loads. With a 6.5 feet wide blade, Kubota excavator can remove stamps and do basic grading in a given area.

Points to consider before purchasing Kubota Excavator

  •         Service Level Agreement – if you are buying a new Kubota Excavator, the SLA is the most important thing to consider. This is basically an agreement that outlines the terms linked with any emergency repairs and routine maintenance schedule of the machine. Both of these are provided either by the dealer or a third party technician.
  •         Inspection – always inspect any Kubota excavator that has over 100 hours of operation. In this case, it is important to inspect connection points of the machine such as bushings and pins, structural integrity of the machine such as bends and cracks and hydraulics to ensure that it is not leaking.
  •         Attachments – it is important to consider the number of attachments the excavator can operate. The most important attachments to consider include augers, trenchers, grading blades, buckets, flail mowers and clamps. You should choose the capacity of the machine, which suits your needs.

Sample prices of Kubota Excavators

Prices of Kubota excavators vary depending on the type of excavator you want, the number of attachments the machine can operate, jobsite needs and your location. The Kubota KX080-3 manufactured in 2013 costs around $97,000. The same model manufactured in 2015 or the Kubota KX080-4 can be higher and the cost can go up to $120,000. A Kubota U35-4 manufactured in 2013 will cost $45,000 in some locations and can go to as high as $60,000 based on the operational hours of the machine.

It is important to understand that whether the Kubota excavator will be part of a larger fleet of excavators or just a one-time purchase that is intended to improve the efficiency and productivity of a given single operation, creating a relationship with a reputable and qualified dealer will be the most beneficial and cost-effective aspect of owning the machine.

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