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How Much Does a Komatsu Excavator Cost?

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Everything you need to know about Komatsu Excavators, Pros, Features and Prices

Komatsu is a world renowned manufacturer of large and mini construction equipment including compact excavators, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders. Komatsu hydraulic excavators for example are widely known for incorporating industry leading innovation and technology to make it easier for people to operate and use them in different construction projects, including commercial and home projects.

Pros of Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu excavators come with up to 6 working modes, pattern control valves and power max buttons that the operator can tailor. These features function perfectly to suit the project at hand and give the operator a unique operating style. From the top of Komatsu excavators to the bottom, these machines have great power for flow, digging, improved balance for lifting, and great versatility to hold different attachments. Komatsu excavators are highly reliable and long lasting. They need less maintenance and this means that one can significantly reduce the cost of owning Komatsu excavators. Komatsu excavators have tight swing radii which means they can properly work in confined areas.

Points to consider before purchasing Komatsu Excavators

  •         Type of excavator – Komatsu mini excavators come in two types. These include zero-tail swing excavators and tail swing excavators. Therefore, selecting either of the two will largely depend on the available workspace and the output requirements at the jobsite.
  •         Specifications – before purchasing a Komatsu excavator, it is important to consider the digging depth, operating weight and dump height of the excavator. These are important considerations because they affect the size and type of machine you buy and they directly impact the productivity level at a jobsite.
  •         Jobsite needs – before purchasing a Komatsu excavator, it is essential to pair the specific needs of the jobsite with the capabilities of the machine to determine how these match up. Undersized excavators may not have the functionality or power to accomplish larger jobs effectively or safely.

Sample prices of Komatsu excavators

Prices of Komatsu excavators vary depending on your location and the year the excavator was manufactured. Prices may also depend on whether you need a new excavator or a used excavator as well as the number of hours the excavator has been operating. For example, a 2013 PC800 LC 8 Komatsu excavator with 930 hours costs about $870,000. In some locations, this price is quite higher because a 2014 PC800 LC 8 Komatsu excavator with 590 hours costs $850,000. You can also get the PC1250-7 Komatsu excavator at $795,000 or buy the 2013 PC27MR-3 Komatsu excavator for as little as $45,000.

It is important to understand that the lifespan as well as the operational hours of Komatsu excavators matter. Generally, mini excavators are designed with operational lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. The heavily used excavators and those with less than recommended maintenance can start to give out and prove costly in terms of repairs. In this case, most of them will only take 8,000 hours to use.

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